Ladies and gentlemen, meet the early-line favorite for the funniest ad airing during the Super Bowl: “The Force” from Volkswagen.

Actually, a whole lot of you have already seen it. As of this posting, the ad — featuring a kid in a Darth Vader costume trying very hard to use the Force, and failing until he meets VW’s new Passat — had received more than 6 million views on YouTube in just two days.

The YouTube version of the ad is apparently the extended director’s cut. According to Ad Age, VW has bought two 30-second spots during Sunday’s (Feb. 6) game — the one above and one for the 2012 model of the Beetle.

Regardless of whether the in-game spot is 30 or 60 seconds, though, this is a great piece of advertising. Well-played, Volkswagen.

Posted by:Rick Porter