paula deen dropped by wal mart Wal Mart drops Paula Deen after N word scandalJust hours after appearing on “Today” to continue the rehabbing of her image, Paula Deen was dropped by another business.

Wal-Mart, the biggest retailer in the country, announced Wednesday (June 26) that it will not be placing any new orders with Deen “beyond what’s already committed.”

Update: Novo Nordisk, the company Deen works for in promoting the “Diabetes in a New Light” diet and drug program, has also parted ways with Deen, according to TMZ.

The retail chain joins the Food Network, a ham company and a small chain of buffet restaurants in choosing to sever ties with Deen in the wake of the deposition where she admitted to having used the n-word in the past.

In her “Today Show” interview, Deen denied ever having used the word other than when she was recounting the story of being held at gunpoint by an African-American man during a bank robbery.

However, in her deposition she said she was sure she had used it other times, probably in repeating what she had heard in the kitchens at restaurants between black employees.

Several famous people have come to Deen’s defense, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who says that what Deen did was wrong, but that she can change; conservative pundit Glenn Beck and liberal pundit Bill Maher, who wonders, “It’s a wrong word, she’s wrong to use it, but do we really have to make people go away?”

The Food Network has also been lambasted by Deen fans who are irate over her firing.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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