chandler-riggs-scott-wilson-andrew-lincoln-walking-dead-when-the-dead-come-knocking-season-3-amc.jpg“The Walking Dead” has found its new showrunner for Season 4, promoting supervising producer Scott M. Gimple to executive producer and showrunner once Glen Mazzara departs the position.

According to which report you read, Gimple is either nearing the deal, finalizing the deal or has wrapped up the deal. In any event, he’s been considered the most likely successor for the gig ever since the surprise announcement in December that Mazzara would not be continuing with the show.

While there’s still no clear answer on what caused Mazzara’s exit, the mini Twitter feud that erupted between Mazzara’s pal and “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter and “Dead” comic book creator Robert Kirkman lends credence to the reports that Kirkman and Mazzara were not seeing eye to eye on the future of “Dead.”

Gimple is credited with writing five episodes of “Dead” including the phenomenal Season 2 midseason finale “Pretty Much Dead Already” (a.k.a. “Holy crap, Sophia’s in the barn!”) and this season’s “Hounded” (which merged the prison and Woodbury storylines when Merle kidnapped Maggie and Glenn).

Gimple’s credits also include writing for the TV series “FlashForward” and “Life” and co-writing the comic book sequel “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.”

“Dead” has survived a showrunner transition before, when Mazzara replaced Frank Darabont midway through Season 2. That was considered to be a boost to the series, which revved up action and intensity in Season 3 under Mazzara’s leadership.

Gimple has big shoes to fill but we’re hoping for the best. We don’t want to see anyone screw up “Walking Dead.”

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