scott wilson walking dead mugshot 'Walking Dead's' Scott Wilson charged with DUISounds like Scott Wilson is a method actor.

Wilson, 70, who plays the recovering alcoholic farmer Hershel Greene on AMC’s popular action drama “The Walking Dead,” was pulled over earlier this month after an anonymous tip reported an impaired driver on Georgia highway 74, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The officer who responded wrote in the incident report that he observed Wilson driving “well above” the speed limit and swerving several times. When he was pulled over, Wilson failed the field sobriety tests, complaining the roadway was “slanted” and asking if he could instead perform some “yoga moves.”

A breathalyzer at the scene registered Wilson’s blood alcohol content at 0.143, which is above the legal limit of 0.08. Tests at the Fayette County jail registered results of 0.151 and 0.155.

There is no word yet as to any jail time or fines. We would like to strongly encourage police countrywide to start instituting “yoga moves” into field sobriety tests.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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