rob kazinsky warcraft gi 'Warcraft': Rob Kazinsky says Azeroth 'exceeds every expectation'Moviegoers are going to be introduced to the world of Azeroth when “Warcraft” hits theaters on March 11, 2016. Zap2it spoke with star Rob Kazinsky at the HBO Emmys party on Aug. 25, and he revealed the balance of CGI and practical sets in the video game adaptation.

“Unfortunately when you’re dealing with a genre like that, inevitably there has to be a certain amount of green screen, because when you’re in a world that’s as fantastical as Azeroth, it’s impossible to build those structures,” he says. “The sets they built for the actual interiors were some of the most amazing grandiose things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”  

Kazinsky continues, “They really spared no expense on quality, on building things to be representative of the game and of the highest realism. But obviously there are creatures that are not possible to do in FX makeup, and there are landscapes that had to be recreated. I’ll tell you right now, as a former professional player of the game, it exceeds every expectation.”

If there is someone to be a judge of the world-building in “Warcraft,” it’s Kazinsky. He proudly proclaims that he was a top 10 sponsor player in the world. “It’s not how much money I spent, it’s how much money I lost playing that game 18 hours a day for several years,” he says of his level of fandom. “I started playing eight years ago. Let me put it this way: I was on the set of ‘Pacific Rim’ and I’d whip out the game and start playing whilst I had a couple hours off. The producer was like, ‘Put it away.'”

Beyond just being in the movie version of “Warcraft,” Kazinsky also is being placed in “World of Warcraft.” “They are putting me in the game,” he says. “I got to choose what race, what class, that kind of thing. They asked me to come up with a name, and I couldn’t even do that, so they decided that. Usually what they do when they put real life people into the game is they swap the letters, so I’d be ‘Kob Razinsky.’ But that doesn’t sound fancy enough.”

Though Kazinsky clearly has firm beliefs about “World of Warcraft,” he isn’t willing to share them for fear of showing a bias. “I would love to say whether I was Horde or Alliance, but then I would be alienating half the player base,” he says with a laugh.

For his default character build, he explains, “I started as a Warrior, and then I became a Death Knight since [version] 3.1. I’ve got every class. I’ve done everything there is to do in that game. I mean, I was truly, truly, truly in love with it.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz