warner bros comic con arrow constantine flash gotham Warner Bros. TV at Comic Con 2014: 'Arrow,' 'Gotham,' 'The Flash' and 'Constantine'Warner Bros. Television provided audiences at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con with a panel of epic proportions on Saturday (July 26) evening: Over three hours, fans in Hall H learned about “Arrow” Season 3 and new shows “The Flash,” “Gotham” and “Constantine.”

What were the highlights? Find out below — but watch out for a few minor spoilers along the way!


Although only secondary characters in the “Gotham” pilot, the two youngest members of the cast were stars during the Warner Bros. panel. David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle) were both terribly charming when asked about their characters.

Mazouz got to express his wishes for “Gotham” longevity when asked about how it felt to play Batman. The young actor pointed out that Bruce Wayne didn’t actually become Batman until the age of 25, so he wanted “Gotham” to last at least that long. Bicondova’s star moment came with a similar question — she was asked about Selina Kyle and pointed out that she’d like to be friends with her fictional alter ego, even if only because they both like cats.


Warner Brothers’ supernatural series, coming to NBC in the fall, got plenty of attention, even if the pilot was not aired until after the panel ended. It’s safe to say that the producers and stars were rather enthusiastic about the whole thing as well.

Writer David S. Goyer, for example, had a very good reason for wanting to work on “Constantine” in the first place. “He doesn’t have any spandex, which is kind of nice,” the “Batman” screenwriter pointed out.

Matt Ryan, who plays the title character, even admitted that he gained a new literary interest when cast on the show. “I read one comic,” Ryan says of his pre-audition process. “And I’m still reading them,” he quickly adds.

As for what’s coming on “Constantine,” the panel teased a few upcoming characters, including Jim Corrigan (also known as Spectre), Dr. Fate and Papa Midnight.

‘The Flash’

The “Arrow” spinoff, “The Flash,” got a lot of questions from the audience and teased a fair amount about villains to come. One tease is about a member of the Rogue’s Gallery of bad guys — viewers will get a glimpse of someone familiar in episode 4.

There’s also the issue of the Weather Wizard, Mark Martin in the comics. Mark’s brother, Clyde, shows up in the pilot episode but the producers assured the Comic-Con audience that this first brother was only there so as to be expendable. Mark will show up later on the show.


While most of the “Arrow” scoop was covered in another post (click here to read it) there is one very important bit of information for fans looking forward to the “Arrow”/”The Flash” crossover planned for episode 8 of each show: It will be called “Flash vs. Arrow.”

Take that as you will.

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