wamapoke casino commercial parks and recreation season 6 nbc See all of 'Parks and Recreation's' fake 'Johnny Karate' commercials
What’s better than an entire episode of “Parks and Recreation” dedicated to Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer’s “Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show”? A “Johnny Karate” show plus four incredibly ridiculous commercials for things that thankfully/sadly only exist in the “Parks and Rec” world.

Throughout Tuesday’s (Feb. 17) episode, which follows Andy and Co. during his last ever “Johnny Karate” show before he moves to Washington, D.C., a handful of commercials that might possibly be considered the most awkward ads ever aired. 
There’s one for Ron Swanson’s building company that has approximately 20 seconds of silence, one for Paunch Burger that features a Dinner for Breakfast Burger Combo, one for Wamapoke Casino with Chief Ken Hotate using wolf folklore to get people to visit and one for a really scary-sounding company called Verizon Chipotle Exxon. It’s pretty much all of the Pawnee-themed commercials fans could ever hope for.

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You can take a look below at all of the magical commercials.

1. Very Good Building and Development Company

2. Paunch Burger

3. Wamapoke Casino

4. Verizon Chipotle Exxon

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Posted by:Casey Rackham