James Franco appeared on “The Tonight Show” Monday (July 28) and he and host Jimmy Fallon tried out a new game called “5-Second Summaries,” where one of them describes a movie in five seconds (then three seconds, then one second in the final round) and the other one has to figure out what the movie is. It’s hilarious.

Fallon, “Toy Story”: “They’re little things that kids play with.”
Franco: “‘Gremlins!'”

Fallon, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”: “It’s a bunch of girls, they send slacks to each other in the mail.”
Franco: “I missed that one.”

Franco, “Cast Away”: “Wilson.”
Fallon: “Wilson the volleyball! Tom Hanks, deserted, Tom Hanks and he talked to a volleyball and it was great. Wilson the volleyball. It’s not called ‘Deserted,’ what is it called?!”

Fallon, “Pineapple Express”: “You.”
Franco: “Oh, man. I’ve made a lot of movies.”

In the third clip, Franco tells Fallon that he has perfected the art of taking a selfie with a fan, which he does at the stage door for “Of Mice and Men,” in which Franco is currently appearing on Broadway.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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