Warning: This video, while funny, is NSFW due to language and possible nudity.

Jason Biggs may profess to love Sea World at the beginning of this video promoting animal-rights group, PETA. But he has an awful lot of trouble coming up with a positive reason why.

Instead, the “Orange Is the New Black” actor talks about taking his kids someday to see the orcas, hoping that one of them will rip off a trainers’ leg. After all, “Nothing says family entertainment like incest and forced masturbation. Am I right?”

The PETA ad is in response to allegations — widely publicized by the 2013 documentary, “Blackfish” — about one of Sea World’s whales, Tilikum, killing a trainer during a show. Since the program aired, many celebrities and others have protested the conditions under which the whales are kept and the safety standards for those who work with them.

Most of the protests, however, have been a little less colorful than this one.

Posted by:Laurel Brown