Aaron Paul was not always the intense, brooding actor we know from “Breaking Bad,” the audience for “The Tonight Show” discovered Tuesday night (July 23).

As he likes to do occasionally, Jay Leno found a clip from very early in Paul’s career and showed it — in this case, it’s Paul’s first-ever role on a TV series, in a 1999 episode of “Beverly Hills, 90210.” He was 19 at the time, playing a West Beverly High student who’s acting in a school production of “Romeo and Juliet”; Donna (Tori Spelling) is helping out with the costumes.

“That was awful. That was awful — wow,” Paul says afterward.

“I realize I just cost you the [Emmy] nomination, I’m sorry,” Leno jokes. “Anybody that watches that is going to go, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t vote for him now.'”

“Oh … my … good God,” a still shell-shocked Paul says.

Take a look at the clip and see how far Paul has come.

Posted by:Rick Porter