On paper, the writers of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” probably thought they had come up with a truly hilarious “Game of Thrones” sketch for actor Kit Harington when he appeared on the show on Feb. 18. Unfortunately it just wasn’t that funny.

Before Harington’s actual interview with Kimmel, the host offered to give the “hardcore” fans in the audience time to ask Harington whatever they wanted about the show. Those fans — one dressed as Jon Snow and the other as Hodor — were of course actors from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The twosome wondered why Jon Snow didn’t just stay in the cave with Ygritte after they had sex twice. It’s a valid question, but referring to her as the “hot redhead” and “the hot maid from ‘Downton Abbey'” kind of ruined it. Then, when Harington tried to use Jon’s vow of celibacy as a defense, these two “hardcore” “Game of Thrones” fans said that was a poor excuse because, being nerds, they obviously are celibate themselves.

kit harington awkward jimmy kimmel Watch 'Jimmy Kimmel's' awkward 'Game of Thrones' sketch with Kit Harington

Kimmel’s actual interview with Harington was actually pretty good, but there were much better ways to make a funny “Game of Thrones” bit than this. Harington at least seems to be playing along, and his “this is so uncomfortable” face proves he’s a much better actor than people who only pay attention to his pout give him credit for.

Did you find this sketch as awkward as we did?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz