Put on your neon bicycle shorts and jean jackets and cuddle up in your NKOTB sleeping bag (which we totally had, no sarcasm), and get ready for “Rock This Boat,” the reality series coming to TVGN that puts the New Kids on the Block on a cruise ship with 2,500 of their biggest fans.

We have to assume this new trailer barely scratches the surface of the amount of obsession some of these fans have — one woman sniffs a T-shirt and says, “Smell that Donnie scent,” which just raises so many questions. Is that a Donnie Wahlberg-worn T-shirt that she never washed? Does he have his own cologne that she purchased?

And one woman basically says if there’s a chapel on the boat, let’s do it, NKOTB. We wonder if she knows they don’t even need a chapel — ship captains can preside over weddings.

But our jokes are all in fun, because we’re not only excited about this show, but we’re a little jealous we weren’t on the NKOTB cruise.

“Rock This Boat” premieres later this year on TV Guide Network.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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