If you haven’t seen Disney’s Oscar-nominated animated short “Paperman,” you’re missing the most romantic movie of the year.

The irresistible six and a half minute short directed by John Kahrs played in theaters before last fall’s hit “Wreck-It Ralph” (also up for an Oscar in the animated feature category). It was conceived in part to test a new animation technology developed by Disney called Meander, which blends the flexibility and expressiveness of 2D drawing with the precision of computer generated animation.

We’re rooting for both “Paperman” and “Ralph” to take home Oscars on Feb. 24, but either way it’s great to see Disney make “Paperman” available for free viewing online to expose it to as wide an audience as possible.

Check it out in the player above (we recommend clicking the full screen option to maximize the beautiful animation).

Posted by:gberkshire