Patrick Stewart is a master actor, everyone knows that. It’s his portrayal of a disgruntled worker from Louisiana that may be his finest work, though. During an appearance on “The Colbert Report,” Stewart helped Stephen Colbert with a little bit of Obamacare hating.
It all stems from a story about a group that released an ad filled with stories about the Addoradable Healthcare Act, none of which are true. Throwing another on the fire, Stewart struts onto the stage in a trucker cap, with his two children (well, one child and an understudy). 
He’s just a regular American who likes to “crack open a domestic beer and watch the NASCARs.” Unfortunately, his life of hard work has left him with a case of “fisherman’s foot,” which isn’t covered by Obamacare.
If only Stewart could remember his lines.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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