“Siberia,” an NBC summer series about a reality show set in a remote Russian location where things go horribly, terrifyingly wrong, does not officially debut until Monday, July 1. But you can watch the pilot episode early online.

You can even watch it right here!

While “Siberia” looks pretty much exactly like an extreme reality show, it is actually a scripted and beautifully made horror series. The show begins with 16 strangers, left in the Siberian wilderness with only the clothes on their backs and an abandoned fur-trappers camp. Those contestants who make it through the Arctic winter will share in $500,000.

Considering the current crop of extreme reality competitions — TNT’s “72 Hours” and Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid,” for example — this premise isn’t all that surprising. After all, any contestant who wants to go home has only to ask.

But it might be a little more difficult than that. Within the first two days at the camp, things have already turned strange and possibly even deadly. What is the awful sound heard in the woods at night? What dangers wait in the woods? Are all of the strangers actually who they say they are?

While it promises to get scarier and stranger as it goes, “Siberia” begins with a simple game and a compelling cast of characters. Come for the reality show, stay for the descent into horrifying madness.

“Siberia” premieres Monday, July 1 at 10pm on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown