Stephen Colbert and his razor-sharp wit took aim at Bill O’Reilly Wednesday’s (March 5) “Colbert Report,” when he lambasted O’Reilly’s recent assertion that a woman cannot do the job of president as well as a man can.

O’Reilly said on Fox News, “There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something. Something that may not fit with that office, correct? … Men are men and women are women, there’s a difference. There’s gotta be a downside to a woman.”

Colbert’s response: “How is she going to press the nuclear launch button? Everything in the oval office is penis-activated — been that way since the Kennedy administration. Plus, and I don’t wanna get too technical or scientific, but women sit down to pee. If there’s a terror attack, a man can just zip up and go, while she is wasting hours sending letters in that little mailbox in there.”

O’Reilly’s next claim is that foreign countries like China, Russia and North Korea would test a female president’s mettle right out of the gate: “Certainly North Korea’s gonna do it. They’ll snatch some Americans, they’ll kidnap them, they’ll do all of that just to see how it goes.”

Colbert’s response actually does not translate well in print, so just watch the video. But his hypothetical series of horrible dominoes that fall when a woman takes office ends with: “Sharks are lured to the White House by her moon’s blood.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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