Jimmy Kimmel seized the opportunity to get some of his “Friends” back together Wednesday (Aug. 27). During a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance to promote her new film “Life of Crime,” Jennifer Aniston found herself in a rather hilarious and amazing predicament with the funny host.

Kimmel confessed to Aniston he is a huge “Friends” fan and he was hoping the actress would indulge him in a little live reading of some fan-fiction he had written. A reluctant Aniston then entered an exact replica of the kitchen from the show, where so many memorable moments took place in the ’90s roommate comedy. This was followed by a scene Kimmel wrote where he, as the character of Ross, is begged by Aniston’s Rachel Green to make love, because he is so great at it.

Also there to join in on the fun were Aniston’s castmates Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, whose characters Monica and Phoebe are also there to hear about Ross’ love-making magic.

Watch the hilarious moment from the ABC show above, complete with an appearance from the Rachel wig, and a remix of the “Friends” theme, “I’ll Be There For You.”

Posted by:Sarah Huggins