It’s a long way from “Entourage” to the mannered world of English shopping in the early 20th century. But if anyone can do it, Jeremy Piven is probably the man. The actor stars in the upcoming ITV production, “Mr. Selfridge,” the next potential “Masterpiece” hit for PBS in the United States. With a trailer released by ITV, you can begin to judge the period piece for yourself.

Piven will play the real-life founder of Selfridge’s department store, Harry Gordon Selfridge. An entrepreneur who used showmanship as part of his business plan, Selfridge is credited with changing the way women shopped back at the beginning of the last century.

In the trailer, we see hordes of well-mannered shoppers and employees looking on in amazement as Selfridge creates his retail dream. Also, there seems to be some serious womanizing on the part of the businessman. Considering how “Downton Abbey” made the combination of racy drama and historical beauty work, this could be a worthy successor.

The 10-episode season of “Mr. Selfridge” will air in both the UK and the US at some point in 2013.

Posted by:Laurel Brown