For years, “Mystery Science Theater 3000” was a Thanksgiving-day tradition for nerdy and awesome types across the country. The show remains canceled to this day, but now there is an online marathon running throughout the day.

Watch the live feed of the “MST3K Turkey Day Marathon” right here!

Arguably, an online version of “MST3K” is even better than the TV version. For one, no stupid commercials to interrupt the B-movie goodness. It also helps that the original star of the show, Joel Hodgson, is the curator and host of the marathon!

The official description of the marathon is as follows:

“Once upon a time Comedy Central’s MST3K Turkey Day Marathon was as much a Thanksgiving tradition as mashed potatoes and drunk uncles. Well we believe in the value of tradition, so we have resurrected the MST3K Marathon for the digital age. And helping us serve this feast of cheezy movies and riffing goodness is none other than creator Joel Hodgson. Thanksgiving is funny again.”

Which silly movies will run during the marathon? That remains an intriguing mystery (although the first movie is “Space Mutiny”). The marathon starts at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT. Grab some popcorn and try to not let your brain explode!

Posted by:Laurel Brown