Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returned to host “Saturday Night Live” for the fourth time on Saturday (March 28). 
Johnson opened the show with one of his staple characters, The Rock Obama. Jay Pharoah began the sketch with his impersonation of the President meeting with select members of Congress that have recently undermined him when it comes to politics in the Middle East. When he’s unable to control his temper anymore he morphs into his alter ego — The Rock Obama. Cut to Johnson in a shredded suit and let the games of throwing Congressmen out the White House window. 
That wasn’t the last time Johnson’s muscles came into play. The former wrestler turned actor brought out the guns for a WWE promo shoot sketch — Ironically, Johnson is hosting “SNL” the same weekend as Wrestlemania in San Francisco — and again as a parole officer Mitch in Kenan Thompson’s “Cooking With Paul” sketch. 
However, Johnson’s greatest muscle may be his “Franchise Viagra” monologue. Check it out below along with the rest of the “Saturday Night Live” sketches. 

Posted by:Megan Vick