You know that 2013 news blooper reel that’s been making the rounds? Well, a Salt Lake City reporter has just turned in a performance that’s begging to be made a last-minute addition.

KUTV feature reporter Brooke Graham was on location doing a live report on cross-country skiing when she suddenly passed out cold, falling on her back while still attached to her skis.

“I am known to faint any time I am in high altitude and get too cold,” she later wrote on her blog. “I could feel myself getting light headed and tried to warn the producer that I was sick.”

Barely missing a beat after coming to, Graham got back to work immediately, continuing her interview while seated in the snow.

“I have laughed many times watching this video so don’t feel bad if it makes you giggle,” she says. “I feel like someone should dub Kesha ‘Timber’ over it and play the fall in slow motion.”

Check out the video above and, as the good-natured Graham says, don’t feel too bad if you laugh a bit. You might not be able to help it.

Posted by:Billy Nilles