As the “Anchorman 2” promo tour continues to blur the lines of fiction and reality more and more (seriously — when’s the last time you saw a fictional character anchor a real-life news broadcast?), three of America’s top newsmen have come together to share their experiences with Ron Burgundy.

Of course, the video is from Funny or Die and Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo are all reading from a script — but that doesn’t make their accusations against Burgundy’s legendary misconduct any less ridiculous.

As Will Ferrell slowly ceases to exist, instead becoming his comedic creation, Cuomo accuses Burgundy of suggesting the building of the Berlin Wall — simply so he can cover its destruction — while Cooper says he calls him Stoopy Andrews and Blitzer reveals Burgundy attempted to poison him.

Check out the hilarious video above.

Posted by:Billy Nilles