weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: The Dreyfuss AffairOn “Weeds”: Dearborn holds few delights and many obstructions for the Botwins. Why is Nancy’s hometown their last stop before Copenhagen? Not even the script is sure. But it doesn’t really matter, because everything so far is looking pretty effed up with likely more to come. Establishing a base of operations for hash sales and passport-getting means tracking down, per Shane’s suggestion, the math teacher that took Nancy’s virginity, Mr. Schiff. He’s played by Richard Dreyfuss, works for and steals from the postal service, and while he’s no longer quite the in-patient young Nancy made of him — the first cockroach to get her zombie eggs in the brain — but truth be told, he does have a scary secret room in his house. Overall Schiff is just sort of sweet and old and bonkers.

Nancy and Andy invent a new liquid drug using their hash and Schiff’s meds, test it out on Doug, and sell it to a bar. This might be their worst plan ever, as in ever on this show, but the blitheness with which they jump into it makes me think there’s a smartness to it I’m not getting: The main reason I’ve never done a George’s Marvelous Medicine with all the drugs I could find — which, come on, sounds great — is because I’ve always just kinda assumed you would go running straight through the nearest plate glass window or s*** your eyeballs.

Andy goes looking for passports and has some very fun scenes there, but lots of dead ends. We meet a family of Michael Moore’s pasty sad Michigan poor people and trade them for the Jesus Is Awesome Love RV, the better to sell drugs to, and buy passports from, various ethnics.

Silas and Shane, off a tip from Mr. Holland’s Opus over here, check out Nancy’s high school boyfriend Lars, who also works for the PO and bears a marked resemblance to Silas. I guess. Like a craggy blockhead Lego version of Silas with muscles like a day-laborer. And anyway, no way. Judah forever.

And what’s Nancy doing this whole time, besides tossing casual hipster racism around like it ain’t no thing and literally inventing new ways of putting the whole family in jeopardy? Oh, she takes her half-Mexican baby to the graveyard to gloat at her horrible parents’ tombstones about “You thought it was bulls*** when I married a Jew? Meet Stevie.” It’s a pretty good scene, but not that heavy — frankly, it doesn’t really seem like MLP is that into it — until the end:

A Klostermanesque basement-dork that Nancy doesn’t even remember from high school approaches her (and even if it isn’t a setup, doesn’t he still represent a huge dangling loose thread, since you’re on your way out of town?) in a way that is obviously a setup, she turns him down for a coffee date, and he reports the sighting to whomever he’s working with. So… probably she will eat the brain out of his head next week.

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