weeds season 7 showtime 550 'Weeds' Season 7 trailer: Nancy has a new bag of tricks

Nancy Botwin has faced some challenges on Showtime’s “Weeds,” but this season she starts out on her own and she’s in a New York state of mind when Season 7 premieres Monday, June 27 at 10 p.m. ET.
You may have seen the trailers running on Showtime, but Zap2it has an exclusive extended trailer that hasn’t aired yet. It’s a great recap of where we find our characters after Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) puts “Plan C” into motion. 
Fast forward to three long years later and she’s getting out of prison to serve the rest of her sentence in a New York City halfway house. The guys haven’t been just coolin’ their heels waiting for her in Copenhagen. Life goes on after all. And that life includes guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh who plays Nancy’s estranged sister.
But, don’t count her out yet. Nancy apparently has a whole new bag of tricks in Season 7!

Watch our exclusive trailer below:

Posted by:Jethro Nededog