true grit bo Weekend Box Office: 'True Grit' out duels 'Little Fockers' in latest battleThe box office war between “True Grit” and “Little Fockers” continues. The Coen Brothers’ western remake won the battle over the weekend (Jan. 7-9), bringing in $15 million,  which brought the film’s domestic gross to over $100 million, a first for the Coen Brothers.
]]>“Fockers” came in a close second with $13.8 million, bringing the film’s domestic gross to $123 million, despite a 46 percent drop from last weekend. The only new film of the weekend, “Season of the Witch,” beat its pre-release tracking and brought in a healthy $10.8 million. “Tron: Legacy” continues to perform well and added another $9.8 million to its total. The film has grossed $147.9 million domestically.

“Country Strong”
expanded this weekend from limited release and also beat its pre-release tracking. The film was predicted to bring in between $5 and $6 million, but brought in a strong in $7.3 million. The post-New Year’s weekend has always been one of the slowest at the box office and this year provided no surprises. No film grossed over $20 million and the box office overall was down 30 percent from the previous weekend. The weekend’s top 12 movies: 1. “True Grit,” $15 million
2. “Little Fockers,” $13.8 million
3. “Season of the Witch,” $10.7 million
4. “Tron: Legacy,” $9.8 million
5. “Black Swan,” $8.3 million
6. “Country Strong,” $7.3 million
7. “The Fighter,” $7 million
8. “The King’s Speech,” $6.8 million
9. “Yogi Bear,” $6.8 million
10. “Tangled,” $5.2 million
11. “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” $4.75 million
12. “Gulliver’s Travels,” $4.7 million

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