ricardo chavira welcome to the family nbc newscom 325 'Welcome to the Family': 'Desperate Housewvies' Ricardo Chavira shows off his tough sideIn NBC’s “Welcome to the Family” premiering Thursday, Oct. 3, Ricardo Chavira plays the father of an extremely promising teen. As his son delivers the valedictory speech, his girlfriend texts him that she’s pregnant.

As Miguel, Chavira is furious that the boy is throwing away a full scholarship, and he can’t stand the family of the girl. Off camera, he’s already plotting ways to keep nasty boys away from his own daughter.

Wearing all black, tattooed, and looking a little tougher than he did as Carlos on “Desperate Housewives,” Chavira smiles as he talks about his girl.

“My daughter gets to paint my nails and put clips in my hair, and I love it,” he says to Zap2it. “I love my son, but my daughter has calmed me down.

“First, it’s the convent,” he says.

Chavira is not kidding. He had attended the University of the Incarnate Word in his hometown of San Antonio. He has already contacted the nuns about his daughter.

The second part of his plan may strike some fathers of girls as brilliant. Chavira has English mastiffs, which are huge dogs. Though he knows the dogs he has now won’t be around if his daughter ever does start dating, he plans to stick with this breed and have two or three when she’s about 15.

“Should she choose to go out with a boy, and if the convent doesn’t happen,” he says, “she will tell me on a Tuesday so I can starve the dogs Wednesday through Friday. And then we’ll spray some deer blood, and we can’t help what happens.”

Chavira well remembers taking out his first big date and meeting her father. He says he recalls thinking, ” ‘I am getting the talk!’ The father then said to me, ‘I am trusting you. Do you know what that means?’ “

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler