westminster kennel club poster Westminster Kennel Club dog show 2010 schedule and three new breedsThe 134th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show kicks off Monday, Feb. 15 with three new breeds.

The WKC dog show airs live Feb. 15 on USA at 8 p.m. ET for an hour and concludes with a two-hour finale on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. ET, also on USA.

There are three new breeds for this year’s contest. Official descriptions via the WKC website:

Irish Red and White Setter – Sporting Group
Despite its name, the Irish Red and White Setter is a distinct breed, not just a different colored version of the Irish Setter. Bred primarily for the field, they should be strong, powerful and athletic, with a keen and intelligent attitude. The coat’s base color is white with solid red patches.

Norwegian Buhund – Herding Group

Once the cherished companion of Vikings, the Norwegian Buhund is a versatile farm dog from Norway that herds livestock, guards property, and has been used for hunting game. The name means farm-dog –“Bu” in Norwegian means homestead or farm and “hund” means dog.

Pyrenean Shepherd – Herding Group

The Pyrenean Shepherd is also known by its French name, Berger des Pyrénées, but fanciers of the breed in America often shorten his name to “pyr shep.” Herding has been and remains the mainstay of the economy of the High Pyrenees, and the Pyrenean Shepherd is the traditional working companion of the larger dog, the Great Pyrenees.

The above picture is the official poster of this year’s WKC dog show, which can be ordered at the WKC website for $35.00.

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