vienna girardi may 2011 fm 'What really happened,' Emily Maynard? Fellow 'Bachelor' alum Vienna Girardi wants to knowVienna Girardi wants to hear more from Emily Maynard.

During Monday’s (July 11) edition of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” Maynard told host Chris Harrison about the last stages of her “Bachelor” break-up with Brad Womack. But did she really? Girardi doesn’t necessarily think so, and that comes from experience, given her own on-air combustion with earlier “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka during a memorably raw televised reunion last July.

“I didn’t feel like she told us what went wrong,” Girardi tells Zap2it about Maynard’s apparently final exit interview. “When Jake and I did our break-up interview, America wanted to know what happened, and that’s what I told them. I told them exactly what had been going on … the truth. In Emily’s interview, we didn’t get any of that. ‘We know you’re not together, but why? What really happened?’ “

Since she feels those questions remain unanswered, Girardi says she “would love to” have a follow-up conversation with Maynard. “Like she said, when you go on the show and you go to find love, you’re opening up your life and your relationship to all of America. Then, if you break up, it’s your obligation to tell America why. And if you do, they will leave you alone.”

That’s what Girardi has found, anyway: “Like Emily said, you don’t want to be asked about your break-up 18 million times. You want to say it once and get it out there. I went on that break-up interview and said, ‘I’m going to be 100-percent truthful and say exactly what happened, so there are no more questions.’ When people come up to me, they may talk about it, but they never ask,`Why did you break up?’ That’s because I laid it out there, A to Z.”

Girardi resurfaces alongside Pavelka as well as her latest love — Kasey Kahl, who was a contender for 2010 “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky — when ABC debuts the second season of “Bachelor Pad” Monday, Aug. 8. Again drawing on her own experience, Girardi believes host Harrison’s concern for Maynard in this week’s interview was authentic.

 “Honestly, I feel like Chris is one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life,” she says, “He really, truly cares. When he’s doing these interviews, I don’t think people realize how hard it is for him. He’s there with us through everything, so it’s almost a part of him.

“He believes in the franchise so much, and he believes in finding love. He has a great family and an amazing life, so he’s someone all of us on the show can look to and think, “We want that. We want that kind of love.’ “

Posted by:Jay Bobbin