david blaine bryan cranston aaron paul What was the most horrific trick in 'David Blaine: Real or Magic'?

At the very end of “David Blaine: Real or Magic,” Ricky Gervais, who had just witnessed David Blaine shove a long-ass needle through his arm, told the magician, “It’s either one of the best illusions I’ve ever seen close up, or you’re a maniac. Either way, well done.”

After watching the whole special, it’s clear that Blaine is most definitely a maniac who loves to freak people out: While Blaine spent a lot of his special blowing people’s minds with fun card tricks, he also did some crazy, f’d up weird stuff that was very hard to watch.

The worst two tricks: the aforementioned needle thing (also a variation in which he stabs through his hand with an ice pick), or when he learns how to drink a ton of water and then barf it up all at once (also a variation involving goldfish and one involving kerosene).

Here’s a list of all the tricks he performed in the special. Which one was your favorite? Which one made you want to stab yourself in the eyes with an ice pick so you wouldn’t be uncomfortable anymore?

David Blaine’s tricks:
-smashing cups/paper bags
-sticking an ice pick through his hand and pulling it out with no blood
-flicking Will Smith on the shoulder
-touching a girl’s nose with a playing card
-spitting liquor on a flaming newspaper to spell the word “indigo” on a wall
-burning a hole through a $20 with a cigarette, then repairing it
-eating a piece of a $20 then repairing it with his mouth
-making a picture of a 3 of spades appear on Jaden Smith’s phone
-pulling a small crocodile out of Katy Perry’s purse
-making the name “Matty” appear on a card
pulling a string from his mouth through his eye
-making Olivia Wilde shuffle cards in a cool way
-guessing Aaron Paul’s iPhone lock code
-performing card tricks for a lot of famous people
-making Emmy Rossum rub a sharpie
-making a card appear in the following places: an orange, a shoe, a wallet, a lime, under a watch
-taking George W. Bush’s watch
-spitting out a lot of water and goldfish
-spitting out kerosene
-blowing a card to the ceiling
-sticking a needle through his arm

Posted by:Jean Bentley