white collar live feed mark sheppard 'White Collar'   'Live Feed': Curtis Hagen's partner is ...“White Collar” returned Thursday (Jan. 9) with a twist that we thought might be coming last December. Read on to find out what it is.

It turns out Rebecca is a double agent. She’s been working with Curtis Hagen all along to get her hands on the Mosconi Codex and ultimately, one half of a pair of diamonds that once sat as the eyes in the Idol of Sita — the first half being a rather famous gem residing in the Smithsonian known as the Hope Diamond.

Neal and Peter make the discovery about Rebecca by locating the apartment of someone both Hagen and the late Agent Siegel were watching. In the apartment is some high-tech reconnaissance work done on Neal, Peter and the entire White Collar division, dating back a year. They realize Rebecca is the apartment’s occupant and that she faked her own kidnapping to get the final piece of the Mosconi Codex puzzle

Before Hagen can reveal the footage of Neal stealing the Welsh gold to Peter, someone (presumably Rebecca) shoots and kills Hagen, so now it’s just a race to capture Rebecca before she gets her hands on the diamond.

Meanwhile, Peter has received an offer to be a section chief in Washington, D.C., but he’s not sure he wants the job. He doesn’t feel he deserves it after not turning Neal in for bribing the U.S. attorney to keep him (Peter) out of jail.

In the end, it seems as though Peter has decided he needs to get some distance from Neal and that Washington, D.C. is the way to do that — but will he actually leave?

The show is not yet renewed for a sixth season, so perhaps that’s how things will end.

Best Line: “You always take responsibility for him. Maybe it’s time he starts taking responsibility for himself.” — Jones

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