What has Neal Caffrey gotten himself into this time?

Everybody’s favorite “White Collar” art forger (Matt Bomer) gets mistaken for a cold-blooded assassin. Watch this extended clip for Tuesday’s (Aug. 10) episode “Unfinished Business.”

Neal gets the inkling he’s meant to off an insurance investigator when he gets his hands on some major hardware. We think this whole clip, as serious as it’s supposed to be, is hilarious, especially when the driver keeps saying, “As you requested.”

What we don’t see in this clip is “One Tree Hill’s” Hilarie Burton, who you can catch in the promo below.

What’s she doing there, and why is she having semi-flirtatious banter with Neal? Check back because Zap2it’s Carina MacKenzie spoke with Burton to get the 411 on her “White Collar” guest spot.

In the meantime, there’s this:

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen