barack obama white house swatted gi White House swatted with bomb threat as AP Twitter gets hacked

The twitter account connected to the Associated Press was hacked Tuesday (April 23) morning. After being compromised, a message was sent reading, “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.” The AP corporate account quickly responded with a tweet of their own, claiming the message was false and they had been hacked.
Following news of the hacking, TMZ is reporting the White House may have possibly become the latest victim of the swatting prank. The president’s home has allegedly been the target of a bomb threat, with an attached ultimatum. According to the website, the celebrity hacker group, who has claimed responsibility for other swatting pranks, made a 911 call, telling the U.S. Government to either declare war on North Korea within 24 hours or explosive devices will be detonated around the perimeter of the White House.
Additionally, they have reportedly claimed responsibility for the hack of the AP twitter account that send out the false message as well. Another group, the Syrian Electronic Army, has also claimed credit for the account hack. The AP Twitter account has since been suspended. The only comment from the White House came during a press briefing when spokesman Jay Carney assured reporters the president was fine.
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