Ivanka-Trump-Jared-Kushner.jpgIvanka Trump announced Friday (Jan. 21) via Twitter that she and hubby Jared Kushner are expecting their first child. So who is this husband of this famous heiress?

As it turns out, Kushner is also an heir himself. Son of New Jersey real estate developer Charles Kushner, this 30-year-old owns the New York Observer and is an active contributor to the Democratic party. 

In 2005, his father was sentenced to two years in jail for witness
tampering, tax evasion and illegal campaign contributions. Let’s hope
that’s not a trend.

He received his undergrad from Harvard, and then went on to study at the NYU School of Business as well as NYU Law, earning both Juris Doctor and MBA degrees.

Kushner is an observant Jew. Before he and Trump were married in 2009, she also converted to the religion.  

Congrats! We’re sure the privileged little one will be beautiful. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci