mitt romney bob schieffer barack obama presidential debate october 22 2012 gi Who won the final presidential debate, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?It’s all over but the election. Tonight was the final presidential debate before voters head to the polls on Nov. 6 to decide whether President Barack Obama gets a second term or his Republican challenger Mitt Romney gets a first.

Going into tonight the scorecard was widely considered to be even — with Romney scoring a decisive victory in the first debate, and Obama rallying in the second. The focus for the third and final showdown was foreign policy and the moderator was Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Foreign policy was not considered to be Romney’s strong suit, and Obama had the “We caught Osama bin Laden” trump card in his back pocket. But Romney has been sharply critical of the way the Obama administration has handled recent events in Libya.

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The showdown was heated, with neither candidate obviously stumbling as topics spanned Iran, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, China, Russia, defense spending and more. It was on that last topic that Obama found the night’s breakout phrase: His “horses and bayonets” comeback when Romney questioned the Obama administration’s commitment to military spending immediately blew up on Twitter.

Chances are, this debate didn’t really change anyone’s mind on either candidate. But who do you think won the final presidential debate?

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