paul ryan joe biden vice presidential debate 2 Who won the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden or Paul Ryan?The country seemed pretty unanimous that Governor Romney won the first Presidential debate over President Obama a week ago. But is it so cut and dried in the Vice Presidential debate?

The consensus on Twitter seemed to be that Vice President Joe Biden won the debate. We saw criticism that Congressman Paul Ryan looked rattled or that he kept dodging the actual questions and giving answers that actually had very little to do with what was asked.

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Some tweets we saw:

Paul Begala: “Biden is killing Ryan on Medicare and Social Security. Ryan is arguing ideology, Biden arguing facts.”

Bill Maher: “Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv.” and “This Biden guy is awesome! I hope he keeps that nice sleepy black guy on the ticket!”

Anderson Cooper: “If you’re not watching this debate right now you should be. It is gripping.”

However, the consensus on NBC’s post-game analysis was that it was a draw between the two debaters. Savannah Guthrie in particular declared the debate a tie.

Following the debate, Obama advisor David Axelrod said, “All I’m prepared to do is declare a decisive victory for Joe Biden.”

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Republican Senator Mitch McConnell took issue with Biden’s behavior, saying, “The Vice President was constantly interrupting, talking over Congressman Ryan. Congressman Ryan was very respectful and made the point that this election involves a huge choice.”

What do you think? Who won the Vice Presidential debate?

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