whodunnit finale killer winner 'Whodunnit?' finale: Who is the killer? Who won? Cris Crotz, Kam Perez or Lindsey Anderson?Time for the Season 1 finale of “Whodunnit?” — there’s no Season 2 yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed because we’ve really enjoyed this show. Also, did you read the companion e-book that was released prior to the premiere? There’s a follow-up e-book being released in a week, which we hope means there will be a second season.

Anyway. On to the mystery.

The Murder

When we last left our intrepid crime solvers, Giles was tied up somewhere and Melina disappeared into the smoke-filled room. Kam decides that Melina is dead and they are in the last known whereabouts, but the “killer” gives them a video message about the 613 code from the first murder.

Kam’s the only one who figures out the code and it gets them into a room full of evidence, the murder weapons and such, plus Melina’s body (that appears to take a breath upon her close-up, hee). Melina’s been garroted with Geno’s beads.

There’s a pointless montage of who the final three each think the killer is. For the record, we’ve suspected Cris since very early on.

Kam gets a puzzle piece in the room that is his to keep. And we’re on to the next stage.

The Riddles

They each get their own video monitor with an accompanying box that they have to fill with puzzle pieces. Kam already has one. Then the “dead” former cast members join the party. Each has two puzzle pieces and a riddle. When you solve each person’s riddle/task, you get a puzzle piece — one is correct, one is incorrect. So if you “solve” or perform incorrectly, you get the incorrect piece. Presumably, two people will “advance,” the winner and the killer.

It seems easy at first, but there are some that are pretty tricky, especially the ones based on something the contestants may not have seen in the course of the show.

Kam gets eight pieces, then runs up to the attic to talk to Giles, who sends him to the pub for his contract, which either proves or disproves that Giles is the killer. Kam chooses wrong, though, and has two puzzle pieces wrong (the Giles one and another one). Frankly, we can’t believe he chose Giles was the killer. That would be dumb and kind of a rip off, since they’ve been saying it’s one of the contestants all season.

Don’s cougar-logic-puzzle is the other one Kam got wrong, huh. Meanwhile, Kris is gaining on Kam. She rightly says Giles is not the killer, but she has two OTHER pieces wrong. Then Lindsey gets the Giles piece and she has one piece wrong. Cris gets one of her pieces corrected and so does Kam, so everyone is racing to get their final piece and Kam gets his first.

But there’s another riddle that Kam has to solve and Cris and Lindsey are hot on his heels. EXCEPT Lindsey is last and she gets a different riddle, so Lindsey is toast.

Kam and Cris are in the killer’s headquarters and they see video of Lindsey being killed with a bow and arrow. So, who’s the killer?

It’s Cris, which means Kam is the winner. Now, the montage the show puts forth would have you believe Cris was actually sneaking around the manor doing all the crimes, but we all know that’s not really the case.

Either way, fun show. We had Cris pegged as the killer from really early on — first off, because she just seemed sneakier than her other alliance members, but also because we figured the show would pick a beautiful female for the killer the first time around. We watched “The Mole,” we know what’s up.

We will say that the silliness of Kam handcuffing Cris and the police taking her away was so dumb. It’s part of our only quibble with this show — they need to stop acting so serious. The contestants acting like it’s actually life or death was so stupid. Just admit this is an awesome parlor game and we’ll all have more fun together.

What did you think of “Whodunnit?”? Do you hope it comes back next summer? We do. We also want to know where we can sign up!

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