Whoopi Goldberg decided to give Jimmy Fallon a little lip when she appeared on “The Tonight Show” (July 16). 

When “The View” co-host asked Fallon if she could interview herself, the host proposed a game a lip flip. If you are not familiar with Fallon’s late-night hijinks, lip flip is one of the most challenging of stunts the show has in its repertoire. It involves the guest and host switching lips, with a little help from TV magic, and talking as if they are the other person.

Fallon and Goldberg decided to take their version of the stunt to the next level, by doing a variety of accents — and it was hilarious. To top it all off, the two finished the bit with a duet of “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me,” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin.

Catch all the amazingness in the video above.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins