view stew whoopi 12 1 Whoopi Goldberg on fart noise: 'I zoned out and just wanted to have some fun'Well Whoopi Goldberg has decided to clear the air about her “was it or wasn’t it” fart during Friday’s (Dec. 16) episode of “The View.” And the co-hostess says it most certainly wasn’t one.

“There is within me a little kid who just forgets that she’s an adult on television. And when her mind wanders, she just does stuff,” Goldberg says during Tuesday’s (Dec. 20) broadcast. “The truth is it’s me doing this,” a which point Goldberg makes a farting noise with her face. The show even did a slow-motion instant replay to prove her case.

It was in the middle of an interview with Claire Danes that a noise came out of one of Goldberg’s orifices. She quickly followed it up looking at her posterior and saying, “Excuse me, I think I just blew a little frog out of there.”

Goldberg explains further that she just lost her concentration during the Danes interview and made the noise.

“I did it ’cause I just, I zoned out and just wanted to have some fun and forgot that I was actually on television doing my job,” she says.

And now Fartgate 2011 has been resolved. 

Posted by:David Eckstein