beauty and the beast tomorrow people cancel renew cw Why The CW kept 'Beauty and the Beast,' canceled 'The Tomorrow People'

One of the biggest surprises of the new CW 2014-15 schedule may have been the renewal of “Beauty and the Beast,” while “The Tomorrow People” was canceled. Why did it happen? CW president Mark Pedowitz gave the answer to reporters on Thursday (May 15).

What it essentially comes down to is the off-air appeal of the two shows. Pedowitz was quick to point out that “Beauty and the Beast” is a “fan favorite” that has a huge presence on the Internet. “It has a business model that works well on an international basis and on a social media basis,” the CW chief says.

When compared with “The Tomorrow People” in this sense, “Beauty and the Beast” emerged the clear winner. “It just didn’t have the same engagement on the social media side that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has,” Pedowitz explained of “The Tomorrow People.”

Neither show exhibited especially strong performance in the ratings over the past year, although “The Tomorrow People” typically had a slight edge on “Beauty and the Beast.” However, “The Tomorrow People” was steadily dropping (more than 2 million viewers tuned in for the first few episodes, while the show only barely topped 1 million for its finale), while “Beauty and the Beast” had a solid 700,000-800,000 tuning in weekly.

In the end, it seems that “Beauty and the Beast” just worked better for The CW than “The Tomorrow People.”

“Beauty and the Beast” will be returning for Season 3 in 2015.

Posted by:Laurel Brown