dominic monaghan wild things with dominic monaghan bbc america 'Wild Things' Dominic Monaghan loves animal skill sets, like spitting

When actor/adventurer Dominic Monaghan is on a quest, nothing stops him.
In BBC America’s Season 2 launch of “Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan” Tuesday, March 25, he’s looking for a giant spitting cobra. Because, really, who isn’t?
He finds the massive snake in Kenya and is thrilled, especially when it spits venom at him.
“It is part of my job, you know,” he tells Zap2it. “I love animals, and I love their skill sets that we don’t have. And one of those things, one of those profound kind of skill sets is the ability to spit and spit accurately at eyes. They are aiming for eyes. That is an extremely smart adaptation.”
Also in this episode, Monaghan and his cameraman come insanely close to being trampled by an irate elephant.
“We got lucky, I guess,” he says. The elephant had surgery in the field; others shot it with a tranquilizer gun so they could see why the elephant was limping. A poison arrow was lodged deep inside its leg, and they removed that and the infected tissue. Monaghan helped patch up the pachyderm with clay.
Everyone involved thought the tranquilizer would last a bit longer, and they were shocked when the elephant not only came to but was, naturally, confused and none too happy, so it charged.
Monaghan — of the “Lord of the Rings” movies and “Lost” — has always been an animal lover, and he takes precautions, but given the title of the show and his predilections, some danger is inherent.
“I got close to 40 stitches in my arm” in an episode airing this season, he says. “I don’t have, in any way, a death wish, but I am very partial to my limbs. If I was a ballet dancer, I would be susceptible to broken toes and ankles. And if I were a surfer, I would be prone to problems with my hips and back. This is part of my job.”
The rest of the season takes him to the Australian outback, Costa Rica, Zambia and Brazil.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler