(NOTE: The video above contains one instance of language that may be offensive to sensitive viewers.)
Zap2It had the chance to chat with the cast and producers of “Wilfred” at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, and they promised that some big revelations are yet to come in the ongoing Season 3.
“There’s some really crazy stuff that happens this season,” says Fiona Gubelmann, who portrays Ryan’s (Elijah Wood) neighbor and Wilfred’s (Jason Gann) owner, Jenna. “I didn’t see any of it coming, and I think that our fans are going to be really excited, but also really shocked. And the stuff that they’re setting up this season I think is going to set stuff up for a couple more seasons. I’m really excited to see how people respond.”
“I see it going for a while, especially knowing what happens throughout the rest of the season,” she adds. “People have been wondering about certain things, and I think those things are going to start being revealed, and it’s also going to set up a whole set of other questions.”
“I think it’s a pretty significant season in the ‘Wilfred’ mythology,” says Executive Producer David Zuckerman. “There’s lots of funny episodes, lots of fun Wilfred stuff, but by the end of the season I think we will learn a pretty extraordinary revelation about Wilfred and Wilfred’s origins that hopefully people won’t have seen coming.” That said, “if all you’re concerned about it the final episode, you’re going to miss a lot of fun episodes along the way,” he adds. “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

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“There’s one episode [coming up] that goes way back in Ryan’s history that is my favorite,” Dorian Brown, who plays Ryan’s sister Kristen, teases. “It’s so good. I can’t wait to see it.”
The mystery of Wilfred’s existence as a human to Ryan’s eyes and a dog to most others is central to the show, and the show’s producers all seem to agree that it would kill the fun to explain it too explicitly. But will “Wilfred” have a satisfying ending?
“I would love for there to be an ending, no matter how many more seasons we get,” Brown says. “I would love for us to be able to end it, if we could do that. Like if we aware of: this is your last season, here you go, and then give it an ending. That would be great.”
“We feel like we’re up to the challenge of going as long we can,” says Executive Producer Eli Jorn�. “[But] we have an idea of where we’re going.”
“I like to think that we can go on and on and on as much as we need to to tell the long term story that we’re trying to tell here,” he adds.
“In an ideal world the show would go five seasons, and have a very, like, slick ending where we would all feel satisfied,” adds Executive Producer Reed Agnew.
Zap2It had to ask one burning question of Jason Gann, who portrays the title character: what kind of dog is Wilfred? “He’s just a mutt, you know,” Gann says. “Whatever is convenient for Wilfred to have is what he’s got.” Most characters besides Ryan see Wilfred as a normal dog, and Gann is frequently seen acting like a dog by urinating on the floor or becoming intimate with inanimate objects. Gann says he doubts they’ll ever run out of those jokes. “Every year I’m sure that there’s no more ‘dogisms’ to make fun of, but then dogs keep doing funny s***, so we just keep writing about it,” he says.
Jorn� is not so sure; “We’re eventually going to run out of things that dogs can do that are funny,” he says.
“Wilfred” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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