Could this be how Will Arnett landed Amy Poehler back in the day?

On Wednesday (Oct. 30), the star of CBS comedy “The Millers” appeared on “Late Show with David Letterman,” showing off the cool poses he spent his high school days thinking up. You know, to impress all the chicks.

During a discussion about how he learned very little during his Canadian teen years, Arnett admitted, “I was just thinking about how I could strike cool poses for chicks.”

Letterman got a good laugh out of the admission, asking Arnett, “And what would be three cool poses you’d conjure? Go ahead, if you’ve got them.”

Ever the good sport, the star strutted his stuff, eventually laughing, “They’re all variations of, ‘What’s that?'”

They weren’t the only moves Arnett had up his sleeve, however. Check out the hilarious video above to see what he can do with a pencil and let us know if Arnett and his poses would’ve won your heart.

Posted by:Billy Nilles