Nowhere other than Los Angeles, will you see big name actors endorsing mayoral candidates through YouTube videos. That’s exactly what’s happening in Los Angeles, though. Eric Garcetti is the politician in question, and he’s aiming to be the city’s next mayor.
Actors Will Ferrell and Salma Hayek hope they have your vote, going into the election. Ferrell’s message is more of a joke, than an endorsement. He wants Garcetti to be mayor, because it’ll help him raise his illegitimate children. Of the nearly 3 minutes the video lasts, roughly ten seconds are spent on Garcetti’s actual qualifications. He spends the rest of the time making up a very long back story to his friendship with Garcetti. After being born in the same hospital, on the same they, they were bonded for life. He even tells a story about Garcetti being the songwriter responsible for Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical.”
Ferrell ends his endorsement promising free waffles to the citizens of Los Angeles, should Garcetti win. Unfortunately for the people of L.A., someone off camera tells him that’s impossible.

Hayek’s endorsement is a little more serious, though it starts with a long list of reasons Garcetti is a great guy. He can dance, he can cook, and he’s a good gardener. He’s one of those guys who “can do everything.” She stops herself to warn you, he’s a politician. “But he’s not like most of the politicians,” she says, “He really cares for making a difference.” What a refreshing change of pace, a politician who claims they want to make a difference.
So, having seen the endorsements, do they sway your vote one way or the other? Do celebrity endorsements play a role in how you vote on election day? Let us know below!
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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