glee new york billy joel sam shirtless Will 'Glee' Season 6 look like the New York parts of 'Movin' Out'?Oh, so this is what “Glee” Season 6 is going to look like. It’s no secret that the brains behind the FOX musical have been trying to get a New York-related spinoff off the ground for a while, and in the wake of Cory Monteith’s death, their plan to end the series was destroyed. Thursday’s (Nov. 21) episode, the Billy Joel tribute “Movin’ Out,” was very clearly a preview of what we can expect from the show’s final season.

Listen, I have no idea what the producers are actually planning, but it seems pretty obvious that the New York parts of the story are the only ones that are working right now. The characters and the stories are more interesting. Do we really care about McKinley at all anymore?

That’s a sincere question, because I definitely don’t. I still love seeing the familiar faces (and Sue is actually really cracking me up this season, something I’d given up hope of ever happening again) and I appreciate talent of the new cast members, but I couldn’t actually care less about their storylines. And whoever’s writing Becky’s lines this season deserves a punch in the face (metaphorically of course, violence is definitely not the answer). That “purple mushroom” joke was disgusting.

Blaine and Sam are the best McKinley-based characters, so it’s obvious they’d come along to New York. And they set up a way for Artie to make it there too. One big red flag: the Rachel-Sam attraction. I get it (you’ve SEEN Chord Overstreet shirtless, right? look above), but it feels a little too soon.

I really enjoyed the episode (Becky’s gross lines notwithstanding), but I also really love singing along to Billy Joel (which made multitasking while watching completely impossible). Listen to some of the tunes below, then weigh in: Would you watch a New York-based “Glee” if the McKinley parts were completely gone? What did you think of “Movin’ Out”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley