will smith jaden kiss woody tv instagram Will Smith 'French kisses' 14 year old son Jaden on Thai TVActing in a movie with your son can certainly bring the two of you closer together, but Will Smith‘s latest antics with son Jaden are stretching the acceptable limitations on “close-knit.”

While promoting recent flop “After Earth,” Will and Jaden appeared on “The Woody Show” in Bangkok, Thailand. During the interview, host Woody Milintachinda asks Will to show him something he’s never done on television, so the elder Smith grabs his 14-year-old son’s face and lays a big wet one on his lips, much to Jaden’s discomfort.

The way that Milintachinda nearly squeals with delight and later labels the kiss “a frenchie” is seriously uncomfortable because, you know, it’s a dad and his kid. But it’s also bizarre that Smith’s first inclination when asked to do something he’d never done before on is kiss his son on the lips. Weird all around.

The full interview can be watched below, if you dare.

What do you think about the smooching stunt? Harmless fun or creepy?

Posted by:Billy Nilles