william kate lifetime 320 'William & Kate': Lifetime dramatizes Prince William, Kate Middleton's royal romanceWhile ABC’s “20/20” was busy airing a behind-the-scenes look at the real-life Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding plans, Lifetime was airing “William & Kate,” the made-for-TV movie starring Nico Evers Swindell and Camilla Luddington as the royal couple.

The first hour was a charming, typical Lifetime movie about two friends at university falling for each other. It was full of cute looks and silly moments working on school projects, culminating with a kiss in (what else?) a rainstorm. How romantic.

The second hour saw William and Kate become a couple, but have to deal with him wanting to keep her private and away from the press, much to Kate’s consternation because it left the paparazzi free to speculate about William’s love life.

Once they were out of the closet, so to speak, the movie showed how much Kate’s life changed once they went public, including an etiquette scene that would’ve made “A League of Their Own” proud. But there was a happy ending, of course, when William got his “Love Actually” on at a charity rowing event practice.

What did you think of the movie?

We were most often delighted by Ian Musgrave (Jonathan Patrick Moore) as Will’s friend from St. Andrews who claimed himself Will’s wingman from the first day of school and by Kate’s family. Her parents and siblings were hilarious upon meeting William for the first time and while we’re sure a lot of the movie was dramatized for TV, we’d wager that dramatization of having your daughter bring home the future King of England was pretty accurate.

How much do you think was real? We know the fashion show was real, but how about the rowing practice? A scene straight out of the latest Kate-Cameron-Reese rom-com.

Louise Linton played Vanessa, the blonde friend of Kate’s who encouraged Kate to walk away from the romance when it got too hard. She tells Zap2it the cast was like a modern-day “Breakfast Club,” which came across in the movie, which we could see. They seem like a bunch of nice young actors and actresses.

The coverage is sure to ramp up over these final 10 days before the Royal Wedding on April 29. Did you enjoy the royal romance put on screen?

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