louise linton getty images 'William & Kate's' Louise Linton 'encourages Kate to walk away'As the Royal Wedding draws ever closer, Lifetime’s made-for-TV movie “William & Kate,” which chronicles the couple’s eight-year relationship, is the next event building up to the big day. Louise Linton stars as Vanessa Rose Bellows, a good friend of Kate’s who is not at all impressed by the future King of England.

“Vanessa is definitely the most down-to-earth of the group. She’s sort of a tomboy. She’s not at all impressed by the royals. She’s certainly not impressed by the way William treats Kate,” Linton tells Zap2it. “She’s not the type of girl to be overwhelmed because of somebody’s wealth, prestige or standing in life. She’s much more involved in the more grounded and more authentic things. So while she’s very happy that Kate’s happy, she also becomes very upset when Kate’s upset and encourages Kate to walk away.”

While Linton does play a character quite firmly based on a real person, of course the actual character name is fictional. But stars Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington have undertaken the task of playing Prince William and future Princess Catherine, which Linton tells us they handled with aplomb.

“I would say that should the real William and Kate every decide to watch this film, I’m sure that they will be flattered by the way that Nico and Camilla have played them,” Linton says. “Both characters are charming, lovely, fairly down-to-earth characters that you can warm to and that’s the way that Nico and Camilla are in real life as well. I can’t imagine that the real prince and future princess would be upset in any way about the way Nico and Camilla represent them.”

It also sounds like the cast, which was full of young actors and actresses, became very good friends over the course of the filming.

“There was a group of us – Nico, Camilla, myself, a girl named Sam, another friend of mine named Trillby Glover, and a couple other guys – it felt like I was on a modern-day ‘Breakfast Club’ set because we all got along so well,” Linton laughs. “We’re all the same age and we all had so much in common. None of the cast are major name actors and hopefully that will get to change after this film.”

And of course Linton will be tuning in when the big day finally arrives on April 29.

“Now that I have familiarity with their story, I think it’s going to be satisfying and satiating to actually watch them take the wedding vows knowing sort of what Kate and William went through in the eight to 10 years that led up to this,” Linton tells us.

“William & Kate” premieres Monday night (April 18) at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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