The Emmy-award winning William Shatner reminds us of our grandpa — sure, he’s funny and lovable but sometimes we worry that he’s just completely lost it. 

Shatner is releasing another one of his signature spoken word(ish) cover albums, this time collecting famous fantasy/sci-fi inspired tunes in a compilation called “Seeking Major Tom.” As per usual, Shatner delivers the famous tracks in that Shatner stop-and-go amelodic style. However, for Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man,” Shatner thought it wise to sing the melody (the operative word here being “thought”); Shatner released the behind-the-scenes footage on his YouTube channel. 

Now remember, Shatner can hear the backing track in his headphones but we cannot, making this all the more delightful. Be sure you’ve already swallowed your morning coffee.

Posted by:janderson