jill wagner returns wipeout 'Wipeout's' Jill Wagner: 'I can't always contain my energy'Jill Wagner’s still got game … and she’s pleased “Wipeout” is still the game she’s got.

After being a part of ABC’s humorous Thursday competition from its launch, the popular co-host left after Season 4, but she’s been back on the obstacle course to question many of the contestants — both literally and figuratively — since Season 6 began in May.

The show has gone heavy on themed episodes in its current round, such as newlyweds and teamings of employees and bosses, and Wagner says she’s having a blast with it all over again.

“I have to say that during Season 5, when I didn’t have to go in, I felt this little pit in my stomach,” she admits to Zap2it in her friendly, girl-next-door style. “The crew on the show is amazing, and I was kind of sad not having to go to work and get to do what I do … which, basically, is to have fun.

“Coming back, I had fresh eyes,” adds Wagner. “I really had appreciation for the show and what we do. It makes me feel good when kids come up to me and say they love the show … and also when I hear about kids who watch the show and are going through chemo or have issues, and the show makes them laugh. Maybe it’s one of the only things that can make them laugh at that point.”

Formerly the car-pitching “Mercury girl,” Wagner was ready for some chuckles herself when she hit the “Wipeout” course for the first time upon her return.

“The first day, I was bursting,” she claims. “I was Jill plus 100, which is maybe a bad thing. I can’t always contain my energy, but I guess it works for this show.

“Since I’ve been back, I’ve been saying it’s like the first show — meaning my enthusiasm and excitement is the same as it was then. Now I know what I’m doing, so I feel comfortable.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin