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“Witches of East End” is back for Season 2 on Lifetime, and there is plenty of magical action and drama coming. Check out spoilers for the new season from the entire cast: Julia Ormond (Joanna), Madchen Amick (Wendy), Rachel Boston (Ingrid), Jenna Dewan Tatum (Freya), Eric Winter (Dash) and Daniel Di Tomasso (Killian).

Good and bad things coming for the Beauchamps

Life is always complicated for the Beauchamps, and that’s only going to continue in Season 2. The biggest problem? Formerly immortal Joanna may be dying from the poison Penelope dosed her with in the Season 1 finale. The premiere episode will hit that head on: “Season 2 opens with my character dealing with that and basically dying,” Ormond teases.

But Joanna isn’t the only Beauchamp facing death. Her sister Wendy once had 9 lives but is starting off the season down to her final one. According to Amick, this means that the audience will see a somewhat more “adult” Wendy in the new episodes. “Wendy is being a little more responsible in Season 2,” the actress says. “She’s not so flippant and she has to take things a little more seriously. She’s on her last life, so things get real!”

For Ingrid, however, things seem to be going pretty well in the Season 2 premiere. “Ingrid starts out with a new job, a new opportunity comes into her life,” Boston explains of her character’s arc. “It’s still involving the library and it’s still very much involving the occult practices and her curiosity about witchcraft. So she’s starting to move into a new chapter in her life.”

Still, the fact that Ingrid can open the portal to Asgard is going to remain important — and not just because someone came through.

Enter Frederick

Speaking of someone coming through, there’s a new major character in Season 2: Frederick Beauchamp (Christian Cooke). Joanna’s long-lost son is a complete unknown to his sisters, but everyone is going to notice the young man soon enough.

Joanna and Wendy — who know all about Frederick — find his return to be both a good and a bad thing. For Joanna, the guilt of abandoning her son is mixed with the fact that she never mentioned him to her daughters. “‘Oh, by the way, you have a brother!'” Ormond jokes of the introduction her character will need to make. Wendy, on the other hand, has even bigger problems. “There’s a lot of bad blood between Frederick and Wendy in the past,” says Amick.

It’s a little bit more straightforward for the girls, especially Freya. “I particularly have a very strong connection with Frederick, a very good strong connection,” Dewan Tatum explains. But Freya still can’t be too certain of this brother: “He is a bit of an enigma though you know, he seems so perfect and seems so great but then there’s another side to him that every now and then flashes out and we think, ‘wait a minute, you know, is he who he says he is?'”

Ingrid shares in this problem: “I don’t know him,” Boston points out. “So I think it’s just trying to figure out how someone that I’ve never met fits into our family.”

The Freya-Dash-Killian love triangle

Even though Freya called off her wedding to Dash in the Season 1 finale, the dynamic between her and the Gardner boys is far from over. Killian, after all, disappeared on his sailboat, and Dash hates her.

“I can’t stand her! It’s part of my healing process and how I move on,” Winter says of Dash in the new season. “I think for Dash, the way he deals with that is the less communication the better, the less crossing paths.”

So what about Killian, Freya’s true soulmate? “Obviously the whole Freya-Killian dynamic is not going to go away,” says Di Tomasso. “That’s who the character is: It’s him and Freya. But they have so many obstacles thrown in their way. Last year was one thing, but this year, it’s heightened.”

Troubled boys

Dash and Killian have more to deal with than just Freya. There are also issues regarding a mysteriously dead mother, Dash’s attempted murder of Killian and some newfound powers. The Gardners have to deal with all of these in the new season.

“It can get pretty frightening for the guys,” Di Tomasso explains. “With their abilities in that way, because if you don’t know how to control that kind of power, you can do a lot of damage unintentionally.” He would know.

Dash, for one, starts getting a bit destructive rather quickly. “I’m now trying to figure out what happened, how did I harness this strength or energy to make this happen?” says Winter.

Even if the boys can get over their rage toward each other (and/or Freya), there’s still the fact that their supposedly loving mother is dead. For Dash, the idea seems to be some sort of suicide, which does not bode well for when he finds out the Beauchamps’ complicity in Penelope’s death. “I do know I don’t care for the Beauchamps. So as soon as I find out they’re involved, it will be bad for everybody. For all parties,” Winter teases.

But it might not be quite so bad for Killian. “I don’t think he’s even aware,” Di Tomasso says. “He doesn’t have the kindest, gentlest relationship with his mom, so I think it’s going to take awhile for him to come to terms with it.”

“Witches of East End” Season 2 premieres Sunday, July 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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